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Wellbeing Soap 100 g

Œillet Mignardise

Wellbeing Soap 100 g

Carnation - Clove

A floral array of carnation, infused with clove and softened with powdery notes.

A Soap from the Roger&Gallet Heritage Collection, created in 1900 and reissued for our great pleasure.

100 g

To the ladies’ delight... The refined notes of Œillet Mignardise bring to mind the effervescence and sophistication of the fashionable women who flocked to the Bon Marché department store. With a dominant carnation note, its deliciously retro powdery accents are invigorated with a touch of spicy clove. A lively floral creation that will leave your skin velvety soft and delicately scented.

A history of Cologne

Created in 1897, Œillet Mignardise was exclusively designed for Le Bon Marché department store. It was relaunched year after year, due to its immense success.

Nature, in all its simplicity

Always ahead of its time, since 1862 Roger&Gallet has been focusing on nature, allowing it to release all of its beneficial properties into the brand’s products. Nothing superfluous.

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Delightfully retro, exotic, audacious and timeless classic colognes: the Roger&Gallet Héritage collection is a tribute to the brand’s signature fresh, light, beneficial and joyful Colognes. A journey through 160 years of creations, relaunched to rouse our curiosity and awaken our senses.

The Art of Toiletry

For hands or body, the Round Soap offers extreme softness, while preserving the cleansing power of soap. Their washing base is 100% vegetable and biodegradable. Only 100g of soap are needed for a hundred showers. Complete your Roger&Gallet Cleansing Ritual with the Wellbeing Shower Gel and the Wellbeing Perfumed Body Lotion.

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