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Wellbeing Fragrant Water Christmas Set

Feuille de Thé

Calabrian lemon - Ceylon black tea - Sandalwood
At Roger&Gallet, Christmas crackles with joy.
Ignite sparks offering the Feuille de Thé set. A complete ritual in limited edition, to spoil your loved ones with little and big attentions.

This set includes :
- a 30ml Feuille de Thé Wellbeing Fragrant Water
- a 50ml Feuille de Thé Wellbeing Shower Gel


At Roger&Gallet, Christmas crackles with joy.
Ignite sparks offering a collection of mini Heritage Fragrant Soaps. A limited edition to discover our iconic fragrances

This set includes :
- a 100g Santal Wellbeing Soap
- a 100g Oeillet Mignardise Wellbeing Soap
- a 100g Rose Thé Wellbeing Soap

Naturally relaxing

Enriched with natural black tea extract, the Wellbeing Fragrant Water Feuille de Thé possesses relaxing and soothing benefits for body and mind.

95% of ingredients of natural origin

Always ahead of its time, Roger&Gallet has been putting nature at the heart of its perfumes since 1862, without any superfluous elements, to release all its power. Nature, in all its simplicity.

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Our Christmas Collection

The Ritual

The Art of Perfume

To accentuate the relaxing effect of your Wellbeing Fragrant Water Feuille de Thé spray a refreshing cloud of fragrance in front of you and walk through it. To revive the notes of the fragrance throughout the day, slip the 30ml size into your bag, it will follow you everywhere. A complete perfume ritual for the bath and body allows you to sublimate the scent, while taking care of yourself.

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